I need a hackergotchi for my PlanetGNOME entry. I do not do artwork very well (lousy with path cutting and vision). The graphic can be found at http://www.bryen.com/headshot/BryenYunashko.jpg. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

You can contact me on GIMPNet IRC as 'Bryen' for any questions.

  • do you have any photo where the top of the head and the bottom of the chin isn't cut off? AndreasNilsson

attached files

  • Hi, i edited with quite heavy hand the headshot image. Removed the hand, added hair and some other stuff. Here's jpg and png files.

BryenYunashko-whitebackground.jpg BryenYunashko-nobackground.png

  • PNG being with transparent alpha background and JPG being with white background. Use one you prefer.
  • Also please add some note that you have accepted the work, if you like the result.


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