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Aisleriot in gnome-games uses a tiled png file as background decoration. The current background is not very pretty and something that perhaps fits the tangoish card theme better would be nice. We are open to suggestions :)

The background must be tileable and square, of size between 32 and 128 px at most in each dimension (preferably a power of 2). The licence must be "GPL 3, or (at your option), any later version", or compatible therewith.

The old .png file can be found here: http://svn.gnome.org/svn/gnome-games/trunk/aisleriot/baize.png

Contact: phomes gmail com

General comments

ChPe: Thinking about this some more, maybe we should just use a uniformly coloured background?

JasonPulkkinen: That would work too. I personally think it would be nice to be able to choose from some ready designed plain colors, several background tiles and possibly static bigger background image(s).

ChPe: For that, the GnomeBG code that the background applet/setting module uses could be adapted, I think.

tiles: 128x128px

Tiled version of green table:


Same/similar with tango palette:

tile-1_128x128-tango.png tile-1_128x128-tango_blue.png

attached files [small tiles]

tile-1-dottedstripe-blue.png tile-1-dottedstripe-green.png tile-2-densepattern-blue.png tile-2-densepattern-green.png tile-3-smallcircles-blue.png tile-3-smallcircles-green.png

There's some small tile's that looks quite nice on repeat. Plan (still) is to make few bigger images as well. _Jason

ChPe: This is too 'high-frequency', IMHO.

JasonPulkkinen: Allright. Probably something to do with the actual tile (not image size) being quite small as in resolution. I'll try to do some medium sized one's too, maybe 48x48+ would give better and less frequent feel.

attached files [static background]

I was thinking, maybe re-scalable background could be nice here's demo with bit adjusted image size how it would look:


Rather classic 'green table' thing. The full 1:1 PNG with much better image quality file is under attachments.

ChPe: It looks nice, but the file is too big.

JasonPulkkinen: Yeah, its quite huge. the SVG file actually takes only 4.4KiB, but it seemed quite heavy on inkscape. That probably would not work either, I'll attach the file anyhow.

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