pyRenamer is in need of a new icon, and I hope someone in the GNOME project with art skills can give a hand.

What is pyRenamer

pyRenamer is a mass renamer for GNOME. You can rename files using patterns, search and replace, substitutions, insert or delete text, or even rename files manually. You can also rename images using their EXIF tags and music using its internal tags.

Old icon

By now we only have an "ugly" 128px icon:

New icon

I've drown something more compliant with the Tango guidelines, but I don't have enough skills to draw the small icons by myself.

Any help will be really appreciated.

Contact: code -- infinicode -- org

Other Icon Options

I have made myself a couple of versions of the icon to see if you would like it for the project. Here it is for you to take a glance

-Option #1

-Option #2


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