Gnome-Mud Icon Request

With the current release of Gnome-mud (0.11.1 at the time of this) I changed how users connect to their favorite muds. It looks like this:

So I use our (extremely wonderful, thanks Andreas!) gnome-mud icon as the default and as you can see I have a smattering of wesnoth icons in there as well.

It would be fantastic if it were possible to have just a handful of additional icons to ship with gnome-mud. Even two or three would really help.

The icons should be SVG and we don't need rasterized versions of them. As for the contents of the icons its pretty much up to whomever wants to provide them! Think fantasy themes, dragons/wizards/spells/etc, and if you're feeling ambitious perhaps some sci-fi icons as well.

Anyway, I hope this can be a fun and quick project for an interested artist. My contact info is on my wiki page and we live on #gnome-mud@gimpnet if you need to get in touch.

Thanks! LesHarris

Three simple possibilities to begin with

All 64x64 .svg uploaded to attachments [here as .png copies for easy display].

sword-and-gnome.svg.png harry.svg.png dragon-shield.svg.png

Hopefully I'm on the right track.

-- Cameron "Manny" Fletcher

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