Thanks for you interest on help us!! Ramen is software that allow Compositing Artist to join multiples videos to make a visual effect shot. Here you can see what can do.


Ramen has not any kind of Logo design, and must be designed from scratch:

  • You are free to design the logo. On Notes section are interesting information.


  • Derived from the logo. The app has linux and OSX versions.


Splash Template:

  • splash.jpg

The Splash can have any proportion, but it's always wider than taller and an empty place to put Information like "Initializing UI". Can't have transparency.


  • Ramen is a Chinese|Japanese food ( ラーメン ): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramen One posible idea for the icon and logo, a stylized version of the white and pink thing

    inside this bowl or Ramen http://www.narutorasengan.com/media/1/20090423-ramen-naruto.jpg

Software similar to Ramen

Fusion (Eyeon):

Nuke - The Foundry:

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