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Request for logo (RabbitVCS)

  • NOTE: RabbitVCS is not an official GNOME project

    NOTE: RabbitVCS is currently known as NautilusSvn but is in the process of a formal renaming to RabbitVCS (see background)


Mailing list


#nautilussvn @ Freenode

Main contact

BrucevanderKooij (Launchpad profile)

What is RabbitVCS?

RabbitVCS is a project currently focused on the creation of an extension for Nautilus to allow better integration with specifically the Subversion source control system. RabbitVCS adds Subversion related commands to the Nautilus context menu, and Subversion-controlled directories will be detected automatically and decorated with appropriate emblems. It is similar to the TortoiseSVN project on Windows.

Our goal however is to eventually become both version control system and file manager neutral (see Architecture and Roadmap).



NautilusSvn was the name the original maintainer (Jason Field) choose when starting this project back in 2006. We're currently in the process of formally renaming the project from NautilusSvn to RabbitVCS. The reasoning behind this decision is discussed on our mailing list, a summary is provided below. As our project is basically a clone of the TortoiseSVN project on Windows the reason for choosing the name RabbitVCS (Rabbit short) is because of the symbolic reference to famous fable The Tortoise and the Hare (a hare is essentially a big rabbit).


We're currently looking for somebody to design an SVG logo which prominently features a rabbit. We're thinking of a combination between the Tango style and Pidgin's mascot. The rabbit most likely should be doing something like running or jumping or something. Something with movement and energy.

For inspiration see:

And also this 1919 illustration by Milo Winter (public domain).

We are willing to offer a bounty, please contact us using the details provided above to work out a reasonable amount. Or use the discussion area at the bottom of this page.



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