Hello. I m Ravgeet Dhillon , GSoC'19 Intern for GNOME. I am assigned the task to recreate the GTK Website https://gtk.org/. For the new website, we need some illustrations for landing page. I have attached a sample illustration which somewhat depicts the purpose of GTK as a toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces. I would love to have something similar to the attachment but you can add a touch of your own.

You can view the new website here: https://ravgeetdhillon.pages.gitlab.gnome.org/gtk-web/

Make sure that the illustrations background is whitish. The sample illustration is blueish. I would love to whitish feel in the illustration. Color Scheme: https://coolors.co/080e15-4a85ce-f8f9fa-f28518-9ac66d

Primary: #4A85CE Secondary: #F28518 Light: #F8F9FA Dark: #080E15

If want to ask some doubts in the mind, I would love solve them. Contact me here: <ravgeetdhillon AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com> or you can raise an issue here: https://gitlab.gnome.org/ravgeetdhillon/gtk-web and we can have a conversation there.

Please pick this request only if you are capable of doing this task and providing a quality work.


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