I have really one big issue when communicating about GNOME 3: we have no visual branding for this effort.

So I'd really love to have a GNOME 3 logo, which would be about the effort of doing GNOME 3, and not necessarily the logo of GNOME version 3.0.

Note that some (short -- no more than one week) discussion on marketing-list might be useful, to be sure it's done the right way. Not sure.

Thanks! -- VincentUntz


Suggestion view: GnomeThreeBrainstorming

Proposals with the theme "Made of Easy"

Proposal 01

Proposal 02

  • -

Proposals outside the theme of the campaign "Made of Easy"

Proposal 01

-- ValessioBrito

Proposal 02

-- NestorDiaz

Proposal 03

Here is my attempt.

-- AndreasNilsson

Proposal 04

  • -

Proposal 05

Quite a few variations here.

-- SeanWilson

Proposal 06

ru: Может быть пригодится мой вариант. en: May be useful for my version.

-- ArtemNaumov

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