Form Filler

Automatic form completion in Web.


AllanDay, DiogoCampos


  • Allow filling in forms with as little effort as possible
  • Learn from what users enter
  • Avoid privacy pitfalls
    • Get confirmation before storing sensitive information (or allow undo)?
  • Allow having multiple credit/debit cards, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses
  • Handle details changing over time
    • Try to handle detail changes automatically
  • Avoid introducing "management" work for users (eg. having to administer what information is used/stored)
  • Provide a way to see what information is stored and allow removing it

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Values that are submitted are remembered for individual fields, and displayed as suggestion drop downs when entering text into a field whose name matches the name of the field where the value was originally entered.

Fields only seem to be automatically filled in one at a time.

Suggestions are filtered according to what has been typed - if there are multiple values recorded for each field, only those that match are displayed.

Apparently there is no way to edit autofill data.


Autofill settings include a list of saved addresses and a list of saved credit cards. Saved entries can be edited, and you can add new ones.

Chrome will remember sets of entered information: if you use a line from an address other fields will be automatically filled with details for that same address.



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