Weather App Design


Would be really cool to have a nice GNOME 3 weather app that would:

  • display current conditions
  • display forecasts
  • show radar maps
  • notify on hazardous weather conditions


WilliamJonMcCann, Jakub Steiner, GiovanniCampagna

Relevant Art

Lots of good examples out there that we can learn from.

Weather Channel


Yahoo Weather


Window 8

Miui 6

Weather Timeline

Forecast HD


Might also be interesting to use the same list of locations as the system clock. Need to figure out how those locations are set.

Proposed use cases

  • How do I need to get dressed tomorrow ?
  • Do I need to take my umbrella this morning ?
  • Will I enjoy this outside party tomorrow evening ?
  • Do I need to put the car in the garage or can I leave it outside ?
  • Does some untypical weather situation is making me have to protect myself, my goods or others ?
  • Should I plane to go to the beach or to the cinema this week-end ?
  • Should I take a train ticket to got to the sea next holiday ?
  • Should I go to Finland or Morocco this summer ?
  • It has just stopped to rain. It's sunny now. Can I go out now that the rain has gone ?
  • Is next week weather getting better or worse ?
  • Why is it so hot ?
  • Why is it warmer here than here despite it's usually not ?

Tentative Guidelines

If automatic location is turned on, the application finds the current city when launched. A spinner is shown while it does this:

If automatic location is off, or the location cannot be found, the last used location is displayed. If there is no previously used location (ie. if this is the first time the app has been run), then a search screen is displayed:

Information display for the current location:

More details for the detailed forecast.

If the city being displayed isn't the current location, show the time in the corner:

The location can be changed using the places popover. This allows you to manually search, to toggle automatic location, or to select a previously viewed location:


The backdrops may not remain static but could feature subtle movement. Similarly all stages could transition more dynamically creating a more lively and engaging experience.


  • It's likely that users will enjoy having a forecast on a longer period than 10 days. However, according to specialised websites, Forecast precision is very low on such a long period. Forecast are very precise on a 24 to 48 hours period
  • Please consider "tracking severe weather advisories" as a use case. In normal use, you don't need very frequent updates, and you'll likely only look at the weather app briefly before closing it. When in your basement with the tornado sirens going off, you want up-to-the-minute details.
  • A possibility would be to have different level of details, corresponding partly to precision of forecast (24 or 48 next hours (by 3 hours), 10 days (by day), more (by day)?).
  • The user might be able to "zoom" in a timeline from a level to another in order to navigate. When the period displayed get's longer, graphs and maps could allow to understand and make sense of the evolution of weather through this period.
  • Data should be displayed in order to allow the user : to compare and make sense of them using last days weather, to give precise data by absolute value and precise artwork, to make relation between different weather conditions.
  • The necessity to give fast and easy access to important data (temperature, rain, then wind) shouldn't prevent from displaying more precise information (when, how long will it rain, will the rain be thin etc.). LucGuillemin

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