It would be nice to have a simple and elegant replacement for using Files to show a "Texts" directory containing all text based content not-created or worked on by the user. (ebooks, emagazines, guides, etc)




  • View recent local Texts
  • View online/cloud Texts (Wikis, Amazon, Scribd, etc)
  • Search through Texts
  • Store a reading list / todo list - and provide reminders
  • See new Texts shared by friends (Scribd, amazon,
  • View Texts full screen
  • Print Texts
  • Select favorites
  • Set/Goto Bookmarks
  • Provide simple anotation.
  • View informations about writing : date of publication, editor, authors etc.


Relevant Art




Tentative Design


  • This might be renamed : 'Text' isn't really explicit, maybe 'books', 'litterature', 'library' or 'writings' are better?
    • Books might be to specific, what happens if one just has articles or emagizines?
    • Litterature to other the other apps' names seem out of place and/or inconistent.
    • Library might work, but it's not specific to the written word.
    • Writings seem to imply "Documents", which may confuse users.
  • Either Texts or Library should work, because they are both generic terms for the Documents you did not write.
  • What ever it's named, obviously we should have an easily identifiable symbol for the icon. Idealy a book with some loose papers in the pages?

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