Application Tiles

Visual design for application tiles in Software.


  • More visually appealing app tiles that are distinctive
  • Converge upstream and Endless designs
  • Things that the tiles need to communicate:
    • Application identity - icon, name
    • Application developer?
    • Whether the application is installed
    • Hint what the application does? (Could be a label or tags?)
    • Differentiate multiple instances of the same application? (Example: two repositories containing the same application.)
    • Star ratings (and number of ratings?)
    • Indicate if the app is a web app
    • Price?
  • Varieties of tiles that are required:
    • Applications
    • Featured applications, on the category pages (larger, more visually engaging tiles)
    • Codecs
    • Fonts
    • Extensions
    • Input sources
    • Languages
  • Tile layout needs to be responsive, so they can resize to fit the available space


  • The only asset we typically have available for an app is its icon
  • The comment field from the desktop file, which provides a short summary of what the app does, can get long when it's translated
  • We don't currently have a good tagging system for apps. The current system uses categories, and a high proportion of apps are placed in the "other" subcategory (see this analysis

Relevant Art


Google Play Web



GNOME 3.26

Upstream GNOME ships with plain tiles that cocentrate on the app icon to distinguish between apps.

small_tiles_upstream.png big_tiles_upstream.png


dominant-color.gif Using dominant color from the icon as a backdrop and label border



Complimentary Color Sets --


There's some old design work at:

An exploration of the various tile types that we have:

Tentative Design

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