Software Developer Experience

Options for improving the experience for people using Software to install development tools and resources.


  • Optionally make the developer section more prominent
  • Make it easier to find particular developer tools
  • Allow downstreams to highlight their own developer content
  • Make browsing for developer tools more engaging
  • Highlight the best developer tools that are available

Relevant Art

Discussion & Ideas

Ideas for the developer section:

  • Showing banners for some apps, with dedicated artwork (like on the "home" page).
  • Creating meaningful sub-categories for developer applications (the current ones are terrible).
  • Creating a special Red Hat developer section, for our own tools.
  • Showing "new", "editors picks" or "popular" sections, within the developer category.
  • Linking to blog posts or online developer resources.
  • Could we offer developer documentation here, as a download? (How this would operate in practice would require some thought.)
  • Allow search by (programming) language ? "Java tools"
  • Allow installing language-specific environments ? "Haskell support" This would typically include commandline tools, compilers, etc

Should flatpak SDKs and baseapps be listed here, or is this better off inside GNOME builder ?

Tentative Design

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