Details Pages

Each application and add-on has a page which provides information about it, as well as controls for installation/removal.


  • Prioritise the most interesting/important information.
  • Be engaging.
  • Include:
    • Screenshots
    • Description
    • Download/installed size
    • Where the app came from (the discributor)
    • Who produced the app (the developer)
    • Reviews and ratings
    • Licence information, presented in a user-friendly manner
    • Indicate if the app is available in the user's language
  • Allow install/removal
  • Allow application add-on installation/removal

Relevant Art



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These pages can play a number of roles, depending on the context. This can include:

  • Browsing and evaluating applications for installation.
    • This could simply be identifying the best application in a certain category, it could be finding a particular feature.
  • Reviewing an application that is already installed.
  • Doing something with an app that's already installed - verifying its identity, finding out which version is installed (or has been installed previously), removing it, installing add-ons, getting support from its developer, reporting an issue.

Tentative Design

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