UI Review

During devconf.cz, Jakub, Tuomas and Matthias spent an afternoon reviewing the UI of recipes 0.8.0.


Here are some notes (from memory):

Edit page

  • Entering ingredients with the fold-out popover feels fiddly. Suggested alternative: inline editing, by adding a row with two entries and doing completion in there.
  • The popover is dismissed when you click outside, or miss the add button. We need to preserve the last selections to make this less frustrating.
  • We should add the first ingredient row when clicking on the placeholder
  • Reordering ingredient rows would be useful (either by drag-and-drop, or some other way)
  • We should add an image when clicking on the placeholder and also when clicking on the image DONE

  • Marking an image as the default one (to be used in tiles) would be nice DONE

  • Adding an image from clipboard content might also be nice DONE

  • Cuisine, meal, season, spiciness are less essential fields and should be more clearly optional
  • It would be nice to automatically derive most of the dietary restriction checks from the ingredients list
  • It is difficult to enter "°C". Maybe there could be some assistance for that
  • We should allow entering a recipe on somebody elses behalf (e.g.: the cook is my mom, tigert using my laptop) DONE

  • It should be possible to search by spicy/not spicy DONE


  • It would be nice if we could make the content reflow and grow wider when the window is maximized
  • "Preferences" needs a better name DONE

Cooking View

  • The cooking view needs an explicit close button at the end DONE

  • Using left/right arrows and space to navigate in the cooking view would be nice DONE

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