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It is an easy to use app that will help you to discover what to cook today, tomorrow, rest of the week and for your special occasions.

It will be a community driven app. Each of us will be entering our parent's, our grandparents's favourite recipes there.



  • Find delicious food recipes to cook from all over the world
  • Assist people with dietary restrictions
  • Allow defining ingredient constraints
  • Print recipes so I can pin them on my fridge
  • Share recipes with my friends using e-mail

Non Goals

  • A social web site to share and exchange cooking tips
  • There won’t be recipes from cookbooks (Copyright issues)

Feature Set

  1. Adding/Listing a recipe
    • Ingredients
    • Method/Description
    • How long does it take to cook?
    • Who is the author of the recipe?
    • Recipe’s level. Easy, intermediate, advanced?
    • Photos
    • Tags (Vegetarian, breakfast, quick and easy, lunch, dinner, mum, dad, grandmother, uncle…)
  2. Recipe cards. Those cards should list the recipe’s title, a photo, author's name, heart icon
  3. Adding recipes for your cooklist
  4. Printing recipes
  5. Sharing recipes using an e-mail
  6. Searching recipes based on country, ingredients, chefs, recipe names

Possible Future Features

  1. Print a shopping list for multiple recipes
  2. Nutritional facts (also known as nfs) about ingredients and recipes
  3. Allow hiding caloric information to help people recovering from eating disorders

Relevant Art


Gourmet is a GNOME2-era application with lots of features.

Recipe list Recipe details Timer dialog Shopping list

The "30 minute" link on the details page brings up the timer dialog.

Notable features on the shopping list:

  • include multiple recipes
  • scale the recipes
  • group ingredients to help organize the shopping trip
  • exclude things you already have
  • add extra items to the shopping list

Endless Cooking App



RecipeBook is an Android app that I picked at random, just to have a comparison. It claims to contain 600000 recipes.

Main view Main view 2 Navigation Categories Recipe details Recipe details 2 Recipe details 3 Nutrition information Unit converter Shopping list

Paper Mock-ups

1- LandingScreen.JPG 2- CuisineScreen.JPG 3- CookingWithIngredientsScreen.JPG 4- CuisineDetailScreen.JPG 5-RecipeDetailScreen.JPG 6- AddNewRecipeScreen.JPG

Tentative Design

Visually heavier than usual GNOME Apps, focus on photos.

Specific Designs

The Icon



For information about the implementation, go here: Apps/Recipes

For a review of the current implementation, go here: /Review

Further Ideas and Thoughts


Using "Recipes" as an electronic cookbook in the kitchen, while cooking. This situation has some special requirements.

  • "Messy hands" - difficult to type / manipulate the computer screen. Screen blanking is a major annoyance when cooking using recipe websites. Scrolling could be somehow easier too. Voice commands? Automatic scrolling by following pointer movement? Could accessibility framework help somehow?
  • "Messy working space" - the computer (laptop? laptop-tablet hybrid? something with a touch screen?) needs to be a bit farther away, so the recipe could be displayed with a larger font? Display the ingredients and instructions side by side, try to avoid scrolling if you can while keeping some sane minimum font size.
  • "Crap, did I already add salt?" - it could display simple checklist-style checkboxes for ingredients you already added.
  • "Bring to boil, and cook for 5 minutes" - include a simple egg timer with countdown and elapsed time.
  • "Make this double" should work in the "kitchen mode" as well. It should use sensible units for this. Would be rad if it could say "one cup and three tablespoons" instead of 1.2394 cups. Because, how do you find that 0.2394th of a cup when your cream sauce is burning? Or – the unthinkable – if your rental cottage kitchen is in Europe and has only metric measuring cups (or the other way around)? ;-)

  • "How many grams is 3dl of sugar?" - could have a simple dropdown to select any unit you want if you click / tap the unit name. Sometimes you have a scale to measure weights, sometimes you have metric cups, sometimes you have imperial / US measurement cups. Usually something different than the person who wrote the recipe.


  • Add the ingredients of selected recipes to something like Google Keep, Owncloud or some other online services. You can avoid printing the list, and a mobile shopping list app might make it easy to tick items as you pick stuff up at the store.
  • Future possibilities might include adding a shopping list to online delivery / grocery pickup services, if such API's start to be more widespread and standard.


  • It would be cool for recipes to be somewhat 'date-aware'. That could include several things:
    • Let me sort recipes by last modified date or by last cooked date. This would probably be best in a list view. It would let me answer questions like: What did I cook last week, last month, or when Christian was over in May ?
    • A week before a special occasion (e.g. hanukka or mid summer night), start featuring recipes that are marked for that occasion

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