To Do

A simple to do list application that syncs with Google Tasks.

This would not be a core GNOME app.


AllanDay (this was a Sunday afternoon noodle; it's basically what I personally want from a to do list app, and is somewhat different in scope from gtg)


  • {o} Needs design

    {*} Design in progress

    {*} Needs implementation

    {o} Implementation in progress

    {o} Stable

Relevant Art


Tasks for Android

Astrid for Android

Remember the Milk

Things for iPad



Simple to do lists - shopping lists, a list of tasks.

Basic scheduling.

Tentative Guidance

See the wireframes for general schematics.


  • Why cancel and save buttons rather than "automatic saving" ala tomboy or gtg?
  • Would it not be surprising to users that ticking a checkbox makes the task vanish? Shouldn't it rather be a button (in a toolbar?) or should the ticket task remain at its place ?

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