Reader's Notebook

The purpose of this application is to help users to keep informations about publications (articles, ebooks, books etc.). It might interest not only academics, but any one who likes books and readings and want to reminds about them. It should allow to :

  • Take notes on publications.
  • Manage collections
  • Share collections and notes on publications.
  • Use publications references to quote in papers.
  • Search for new publications and adding them.
  • Import local files (ebooks, pdf etc.) and references (Zotero, bibtex etc.).



  • {*} Needs design

    {o} Design in progress

    {o} Needs implementation

    {o} Implementation in progress

    {o} Stable

Relevant Art



Sente viewer:


  • This app might use gridview as being defined on new HIG and might download book covers from the internet. Many things might be similar to Documents Apps
  • An extension to epiphany/web might allow getting references from a webpage.
  • This seems very similar to the already existing, and recently renamed potential app "Reads". Could this idea be combined with it? What does "ReadersNotebook" offer that Reads does not?

    • This app aims to include books and publications that are not in the computer. The aim isn't to read publications. Having publications that you can't access on "Reads" would be quite annoying when people wants to read something
      • Is the application making an effort to be social (e.g. social sharing of sources; frequency of sources)? Is there any intention to have interoperation between applications (e.g. open local document for reading in other app)?
  • Suggestions for names that fit the current trend for GNOME apps (what are the objects handled by the application, one word only): Annotations, Publications.



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