A GNOME 3 Feed Reader.


* FelipeBorges

* IgorGnatenko


  • Allow subscribing to feeds. Should work well with one or many, but be optimized for some.

  • Facilitate feed discovery.
  • Give an effective overview of new/unread articles - should be global or per feed.
  • Allow marking favourite posts, or saving posts to read later.
  • Format articles for easy reading.
  • Immersive/distraction-free reading experience.
  • Share articles.

Other possibilities:

  • Allow viewing articles in their original format?
  • Video/audio playback?
  • Integrate with a mobile application(s)?
  • "Read it later" functionality - add individual articles from the browser, etc?

Relevant Art

Google Reader




Digg Reader



ownCloud News



Tentative Design

These are initial draft mockups. Much functionality is still missing:


  • "Reads", "Readers Notebook" and this "Reader" may cause confusion.

    • "News" is a better name. It solves the confusion issue and fits the purpose of the application more, while also fitting well in the GNOME naming scheme for new apps.
  • Tracker seems a good backend (see tracker/examples/rss-reader)

AlexandreUltré -- Two things:

  • Subscription to services: should services be served through GOA, or directly through this app? Intuitively I'd say to use the app, because it's often specific services, but if more generic services start to propose RSS & Atom subscription, this would be easier to use GOA.

  • Podcasts: there are three possible places for podcasts: 1. specific app (like GPodder), 2. some audio/video library (like iTunes does), in a feeds reader. First need the user to think about downloading podcasts (I almost never do, which means that I have to download them when I want to listen to them: that's long and boring). Second is better for people who often listen music/watch videos, but not for other people. Plus it's unintuitive and irrelevant (it's like opening a book for reading the news: nonsense). Last is more interesting because it's related (podcasts are feeds) and people often read news (so they open the app and podcasts will download without we have to think about it. That's why I think that podcasts should definitely be part of GNOME News.

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