Search feature for Polari.


BastianIlsø, AllanDay, JakubSteiner


  • Search for conversations
  • Search for links
  • Search for people or channels?
  • Consistent with search design in other apps
  • Should be possible to add additional search criteria to narrow down, but simple search should generally be enough
  • Suited to IRC communication
    • People often have an idea of which channel(s) a conversation probably happened in (although they are sometimes wrong)
    • You often have an idea who was in the conversation at the time
    • The thing you are searching for is often a conversation/interaction - a specific chunk of conversation history defined by its participants and subject matter
    • It is more common to search for conversations in which you participated
    • People often search for links, in the same way that you search for an email attachment

Relevant Art

Facebook Messenger



A "Recent Activity" view similar to Facebook Messenger's sidebar could help with finding links

Initial experimental mockups

Tentative Design


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