Time Browsing

Browsing by time is a key feature for most photo apps.

Potential Goals

  • Allow someone to quickly browse over a large time scale (months, years), and identify images or groups of images, as they go
  • Adjust to the speed of browsing, and/or the number of photos - slower browsing could reveal more detail, for example
  • Group chunks of images
  • Make it possible to quickly browse to specific dates (probably months, or years)
  • Indicate where in time the current view is
  • Indicate number of photos taken at a particular time (helps with the "I know I took a lot of photos around then" case)

Relevant Art

Photos for Mac


Shows a zoomed out view for years.

Google Photos Web


A bar is shown on hover, next to the scroll bar. This allows navigating to a date, and ticks indicate activity.

Photos for Android

  • Pinch gestures allow zooming in and out
  • When scrolling, a floating handle is shown, which allows scrolling more quickly. While dragging the handle, date marks are shown, similarly to Google Photos Web.

Microsoft Photos



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