Photo Import

Add photos to your collection from a different device or storage medium.


  • Help to manage the device/media that you are importing from?
    • Free up space by removing photos that have been imported?
    • Indicate remaining space?
    • Allow emptying the trash?
  • Prevent against errors: if deleting content is allowed, warn if it hasn't been imported.
  • Make the most common cases Just Work:
    • Detect and automatically select new photos.
    • By default remove photos that have been imported.
  • But also allow less common cases:
    • Allow leaving photos on the device/media or removing them.
    • Allow selecting only some photos to import.
  • Assist with organizing photos? Allow adding them to an album? Suggest albums to create?

Use cases:

  • Most common case: import source is controlled by the user, only contains photos that will be imported.
  • Importing from a physical archive medium (external hard drive, SD cards, etc).
  • Physically sharing photos - passing round a USB stick, for example.
  • Import from existing App silos -- Shotwell in particular, as it's been the default in many Linux distributions.

Relevant Art

Apple Photos


Apple Aperture


Windows Photos

windows-photos-import-00.png windows-photos-import-01.png windows-photos-import-02.png windows-photos-import-03.png


Shotwell Migration

Apart from photo data itself, it's desirable to import Shotwells metadata such as

  • Tags -- used for search
  • Edits (supposed non-desctuctive, perhaps possible to map those edits into gegl ops?)
  • There are only time based *events* in Shotwell, no concept of *albums*

Tentative Design


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