Testing of the wip/mlundblad/transit-routing branch.

Test 1 2016-06-28

Participant: Woman, 28 years old, Gothenburg, Product Manager, IT

Was able to complete the task

  • Have used GNOME Maps very little in the past.
  • Wants to get the route from her home, where she's currently at, to the place for her yoga class later in the day.
  • Searches for the name of the yoga studio, but is unable to find it.
  • Is unsure about the name of the street.
  • Searches for a street name nearby, "Nordostpassagen".
  • Identifies the building of the yoga studio on the map.
  • Wants to move the pin to that location, but it doesn't work. She's not sure why.
  • Right clicks on the spot instead and chooses to route to there.
  • In the search results she gets a number string. Thinks they might be coordinates.
  • Thinks it's really weird that she get a number series instead of the address.
  • Have issues focusing the field properly.
  • "Now it's focused...maybe?"
  • Drags and drops the order of the to and from.
  • Tries to change the time in the public transportation pane. Tries to use a dot between the numbers.
  • "Why doesn't it accept the time?"
  • Has some issues with the calendar focus. She's annoyed that she has to double click. Expects it to be single click.
  • Goes back to the to and from fields.
  • Maps suggests to leave from another bus stop that she's used to. Her apartment is in between two stops.
  • Looks at the bus path on the map and thinks it looks wrong. "The car goes on the road, but it looks like the buses go through the houses"
  • Finds the expand route in the sidebar.
  • "Where do I get off? Is it at Masthugget?"
  • "It would be good if I could zoom closer."
  • Expects focus when pressing the walking part of the route in the sidebar.
  • "Where do I turn left?"
  • Finds the expand route button too small and hard to hit.
  • "Tiny annoying buttons"
  • "Why is the to and from icons different colors in the sidebar and on the map?"
  • Successfully finds the right time and bus in the end

Test 2 2016-06-29

Participant: Man, 33 years old, Gothenburg, Scientific Consultant, IT

Was able to complete the task

  • Have used GNOME Maps a tiny bit in the past.
  • Is at Norra Ågatan and wants to find the time to get home again later in the evening.
  • Starts by exploring the menus.
  • Sees the "You are here" marker and says it guessed the wrong location.
  • Brings up the sidebar.
  • Tries to find the location.
  • Tries to drag and drop the to and from fields. Accidentaly clears the fields.
  • Runs into focus issues. Gets the wrong field.
  • Finds the order of the street name and street number weird.
  • Didn't dive into the route.
  • Wants to drag and drop the pin.
  • Accidentaly removes the wrong entry in a 3-way route.
  • "I want to remove the top one, but I can't"
  • Runs into focus issues with the input.
  • Expected highlight on hovering on entrys. Finds that would be good when comparing different routes.
  • Successfully finds the right tram and time in the end.

Test 3 2016-06-30

Participant: Man, 32 years old, Gothenburg, IT Engineer

Was able to complete the task.

  • Have used GNOME Maps before briefly
  • Wants to get the route from our current location at a café at Ullevi Norra to his apartment at Vågmästareplatsen at the end of the day.
  • Uses the search box.
  • Finds the number of search results overwelming
  • Picks the result with the tram symbol on it
  • A popup shows up on the map
  • Looks at the map and confirms that the location is correct.
  • Unsure about where to go from here.
  • "I expect something like Google Maps where it says Directions to Here"
  • Looks over the icons. "Two of them look very similar". Hovers over them to get a tooltip. "It's not the share one, so it must be the other one"
  • "Add to route sounds confusing to me"
  • Presses the route button
  • "Excellent"
  • Changes the From to Svingeln instead of the current location, since he's going to walk to Svingeln and be there for an hour before he heads back home
  • Opens a menu and picks "Arrive". He sets the arrive time at 18:30
  • "Why wasn't the best route selected automatically? Nothing shows up on the map"
  • "I don't see the origin and goal locations"
  • "Oh, look! The bus is swimming over the river instead of going over the bridge"
  • Successfully finds the right bus and time in the end.

Test 4 2016-07-04

Participant: Man, 36 years old, Gothenburg, Care Assistant Was able to complete the task.

  • First time using GNOME and GNOME Maps.
  • "The UI looks very clean"
  • Used to live in the city of Borås before, so does the task of figuring out how and when to get to his old apartment.
  • Types "Marielundsgatan 11"
  • No results.
  • Tries the query "Marielundsgatan 11, Borås"
  • No results.
  • Tries to search only for "Borås Resecentrum" instead. The city's main bus station.
  • "How do I get there exactly"
  • Right clicks the map. Reads through the menu.
  • "I'm looking for Route to Here, but I can't find it"
  • Recognizes the Go to Current Location symbol in the top left corner from his cell phone.
  • Ends up in the current location
  • Right clicks and chooses Route from here.
  • Types "Borås" in the To field in the sidebar.
  • "19:30 is too soon"
  • Gets a number of results.
  • Dives in to one of the routes and tries to click one of the steps.
  • Is surprised it doesn't expand by clicking on it.
  • One of the steps is "Borås Centralstation"
  • Thinks that's weird, because the bus station and the central station is the same place pretty much.
  • Explains how it looks around there.
  • Gets the task to try and get to the same address, but tomorrow instead.
  • Types "2000" in the time box.
  • "Weird that the times are not in chronological order, that they are backwards compared to the app I usually use, but actually it's better like this"

Test 5 2016-07-06'''

Participant: Woman, 34 years old, Gothenburg, Illustrator

Was able to complete some tasks

  • First time using GNOME and GNOME Maps.
  • Wants to go to Masthuggstorget from her studio in Kviberg.
  • Recognizes the route symbol from some other app. Thinks she recognizes it from Google Maps.
  • "This looks familiar"
  • Opens the sidebar
  • Is able to recognize the symbols for Walking, Biking, Car and Public Transportation.
  • Clicks the current location on the map.
  • Clicks the route symbol.
  • Clicks the biking symbol in the sidebar and inputs Masthuggstorget in the to field.
  • "I wish there was something for alternate paths"
  • "But yes, we were supposed to test public transportation today"
  • Clicks the Public Transportation symbol.
  • Wants to be there at 14:00. Types "1400"
  • Compare different alternatives.
  • Expands a individual route "This is actually really neat"
  • "I hate riding the bus, so lets check for a tram"
  • Successfully finds a good alternative with tram.
  • "I want to try something more complicated"
  • When typing in the To input box, it suddently changes focus to the From field. The participant is focused on the keyboard, so she doesn't notice at first.
  • "Uh, what happened now?"
  • Closes the whole application by accident. Opens it up again.
  • Inputs Alingsås in the To box. There is an entry for "Alingsås", but when she selects it as the destination things just blinks and the field emties.
  • "Uh, that's weird. Doesn't it like Alingsås? What if we try Borås instead?"
  • The input randomly moves from the To to the From field again.
  • "It jumps again. Do I accidentaly trigger a shorcut or something like that?"
  • Successfully finds the Borås central station.
  • "I want to try Alignsås again"
  • Types Alingsås in the To box and selects another entry that she did before in the suggestions.
  • "It seems like it doesn't like the Alignsås-entry with a clock next to it"
  • "Now I want to try to get to Styrsö"
  • Same thing happens as before, the To entry just blanks when she selects "Styrsö"
  • Problems with the focus jumping around again.
  • She tries to go to the destination Vrångö instead. It's successful.
  • When asked to identify the icons for the different means of transportation, she identifies them correctly.

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