An application for creating restricted user sessions.


RūdolfsMazurs, RyanLortie, AllanDay

Relevant Art


Possible use cases include:

  • single purpose kiosk (eg. museum or library information point)
  • internet access point
  • classroom
  • enterprise workstation
  • children computer

These use cases are probably too varied - we need to narrow it down. -- aday


Tentative Design


In the account dialogue, the account type is extended to include custom profiles. The final version should have both dconf and polkit, but so far only the dconf is described. Where is the best place to store the profile name? We are basically recreating the unix initial group, so passwd would be appropriate, but I don't know if it is extendible.

For each account type (except admin), there is a dconf profile in /etc/dconf/db/[account type] which is a default configuration, that can be overridden by user, except if the keys are locked.

If there is no appropriate account type or admin wants to review existing one, selecting More... will open the profile editor (so far the perceived editor is the pessulus next incarnation). The problem here is that pessulus is inherently a specific configuration editor, but the account type would suggest that this is a universal configuration tool. Maybe calling it Lockdown profiles... instead of More... would lessen the confusion.


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