Image Viewer

Simple image viewer.

Use cases

  • Look at an image to get some information from it
    • Example: look up where someone is location on an organization chart
  • View an image to confirm its the one you want
    • Example: a holiday photo before sharing it on social media
  • Compare different versions of the same photo, to find a particular one
    • Example: if the same photo was taken with two different aperture settings
  • Prepare a photo to use in a presentation
    • Example: crop and enhance a photo before inserting it
  • Mark information on a screenshot before sharing it
    • Example: highlight an issue in a support case
    • Example: mark steps or actions for documentation


  • Be fast - allow quick preview functionality

  • Function as an extension of the Files app
  • Be clean and simple - don't get in the way of the main objective (image viewing)
  • Intuitive zoom
  • Slideshows
  • Simple editing
    • Crop
    • Rotate
    • Annotate
    • Processing - exposure, contrast, color, etc
    • Filters
  • View properties - cover both simple cases and more advanced digital photography scenarios
  • Print
  • Allow images to be shared (imgurl, google photos, ...)

Relevant Art


Windows 10 Image Viewer, with edit menu:

Windows 10 Image Viewer

Edit Mode - Adjust:

Windows 10 Image Viewer - Edit Mode Adjust

Edit Mode - Enhance:

Windows 10 Image Viewer - Edit Mode Enhance

Mac (Preview)

Preview editing tools


Handles images, audio and video. Allows browsing a directory. Editing is photo-centric and includes filters.

Android 8 (LineageOS)



It would be interesting to consider what the workflow for editing screenshots might look like.

Are editing tools for generic images different from those for photos?

Division of labour with Files?

  • We could have some file operations in the image viewer -
    • send to trash
    • copy to
    • move to
    • an image gallery
  • Or we could leave some or all of that to the Files app

Tentative Design

See Also


  • 90% of the design and the app's vision is speed. Every decision should have speed implications in mind.

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