Character Map Design Concepts

Some concept sketches for possible layout and visual distinction of elements for character map.

Multiple views for available and non-available characters

Concept of two views when displaying the available characters.The first view can be the available characters which are also supported by the installed fonts. In case of characters not being supported by particular fonts, there is an option of displaying those characters as well.It is done so that the user is aware of all the present characters and can install particular fonts for those characters if need be.

Character detail and clipboard

Views for character details and the clipboard contents.

Possible font installation

Option of installing the font present right with the character details.


In case of emoji and special characters of the unicode block.

The option of funneling down the search either by font(specific to users using graphics applications like Gimp) or by script(users wanting characters for specific scripts). The results will then be filtered by the specified criteria.Searching by parameters can be a given a prominent space in order to avoid confusion on where to look.

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