Remote Connections


Instead of working with local VMs, connect to a remote box.




  • Direct connection to a single box. VNC/RDP/SPICE
  • Connecting through a broker. RHEVM

Access available machines on a LAN?

Non Goals

  • Boxes is not a tool to manage large pools of VMs, define permissions, clone configs across machines etc..


Boxes is not a viewer. Connecting to a remote machine is equivalent to creating a new virtual machine. It creates a personal machine, "my box".

Direct connections are usually linked to knowing tedious technical details about the connection. Connection protocol, compression type, IP address, port number, etc. Non-administrator don't find these details approachable.

Relevant Art

vinagre-connecting.png vinagre-browse.png

Tentative Design

Direct connections

  • Don't bother laying out connection details into forms, it doesn't help much a non-administrator. Stick to URLs:
    • Fast copy & paste

    • Easy route from the Web browser or Email.
  • Discover available machines on a LAN, similar to adding printers in the Settings.


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