It is desirable to share a single virtual box across multiple physical machines and import an existing box to run locally.


Design: JakubSteiner


  • copy/sync VMs across multiple computers

Use Cases

  • Skip the OS install and customization for a VM by simply copying a fully set up box/template over to a new machine.
  • Download a fully set up VM from a company website, skipping installation and setup.
  • Take VM along on a business trip (workstation>notebook>workstation)

Non Goals / Future Goals

  • Distribute applications as VMs
  • Single VM accessible from multiple machines (Remotely managed VM/brokers). => ovirt/rhevm

Relevant Art

01.png 02.png 03.png 04.png

Tentative Design

Exporting relies on the Sharing pattern, which is sadly still in its infancy and will be prone to change.

Notes & FIXMEs

  • For the travelling VM use case, I would just import & delete old version rather than dealing with local synchronization/hooking up to snapshots.

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