File Sharing


Allow sharing of files between the host and the virtualized/remote box.




  • One time file drop. Need to install a driver in the guest OS I have locally on the host OS.
  • Continuous share for frequently updating file. Continuously run tests in a VM that needs input files produced in the host OS.


Tentative Design

Short term drag and drop sharing

Since File's like pie chart button progress can take a while to implement, here's a short term suggestion for progress indication ala Web. As soon as copying an item takes longer than second, a progressbar is drawn below the headerbar. It is a composited progress in case multiple files have been dropped. If more files are dropped before the progressbar finishes reaching 100%, the time is recomputed for the whole set.

Once the progress reaches 100%, an in-app notification is shown, summing up the action. eg. "3 files have been copied to the Downloads folder [undo]". The undo action applies to the whole set of files that have been copied.


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