Application Design Pages

Design pages for GNOME applications.

Core Apps

GNOME core apps are a special class of application that provide important functionality to the GNOME experience. They are:

  • Designed by the GNOME designers as a coherent suite
  • Part of the core GNOME experience
  • Designed to work cooperatively with each other
  • Tightly integrated with the core OS
  • Generically named
  • Exclusive to the GNOME experience (no external identity, don't appear in any app store or other OS)

Before adding items here please check with us on #gnome-design. Thanks!

Current Set

Conversations, personal organisation


System tools

Essential system



Special purpose


Applications in this section either never came to be, or we don't have a clear view of their future.

Non-core apps

Design pages for non-core GNOME applications. These are still GNOME apps, but we wouldn't necessarily expect them to be installed by default, and their level of integration with the system is lower.

These pages including design work for both existing apps as well as concepts for apps that don't exist yet.

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