GNOME Design Team

GNOME design is a loose, informal team that works on the design of the GNOME user experience and developer experiences. The primary areas of work are OS design, application design, visual theme and icons. Resources for each of these areas can be found below.

The best way to contact the team is through the #gnome-design IRC channel.

We are always looking for new design contributors, so please get in touch if you want to help. There is also a contribution guide.

Providing feedback and ideas

Design issues with GNOME software should be reported through GitLab and more general feedback can be provided via specific module mailing lists. If you want to discuss a particular design issue, or have ideas of your own, please use the #gnome-design IRC channel for an initial conversation.


Design Pages

  • OS - core operating system design documentation

  • Apps - application design documentation

  • System Settings - system settings design documentation

  • Whiteboards - for working notes and brain storming

  • Playground - an open space for design ideas and experimentation


See the GNOME Design GitLab area for the latest mockups and work in progress and design assets (icon libraries, palettes, etc). Other projects include:


Guidelines and Resources

One of the best ways to follow GNOME design is to subscribe to the relevant wiki pages. You can do this by adding the following to your GNOME Wiki notification settings:


Team Members

Membership of the design team is informal, and there is no application process. Many GNOME contributors, including developers, are involved in design work. Key members of the design team include:

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