Derek Graham

Email: <derekagraham78 AT icloud DOT com>


Hello, I am Derek, I am 40 years old and have been using Linux off and on for over 20 years. Since I was 19 in 1998. I have used many distros since my first one being Slackware. Some of the ones I have used were

Among the many, I have tried. Some I might not remember but I am currently using Arch Linux Gnome. I am disabled so I have a ton of free time to read and learn more about Linux and things surrounding Linux. I have some experience with coding, having taken 4 years of computer programming in high school with the last two being AP College level classes. We used both Basic and Pascal so never got into the more popular languages and it’s been a while since I really got my feet wet in code. I have used a wide array of desktop environments and window managers from Enlightenment to i3 KDE to Gnome, even Deepin for a very short time. I always tend to come back to Gnome


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