Denis Washington

I am a big GNOME fan since the early 2.x series and have contributed in several small ways to the project to make it even better.

My first GNOME-related contribution experience was writing some code for gnome-control-center in 2006/2007, especially for the merger of the Theme, Background, Font and Interface settings panels to the single Appearance panel which first appeared in GNOME 2.20.

I participated in the Google Highly Open Participation Contest 2007/2008 (now called Google Code-In) doing GNOME bug fixing. I also took part in Google Summer of Code 2011 and worked on support for GObject property binding support for GtkBuilder and Glade.

The gnome-panel 2.x launcher effect with the zooming ghost icon was written by me. ;)

I am currently living with my wonderful girlfriend in Berlin, Germany, and am studying Computer Science at the Humboldt University at Berlin.


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