David "Lefty" Schlesinger is Director of Open Source Technologies at ACCESS Co., Ltd.. He has been involved in operating systems development for close to twenty years, and has been working with open source development full time for the past three years...

  • GNOME Foundation Advisory Board member
  • GNOME Mobile founding member
  • Open Media Now! Foundation founding board member
  • LiMo Foundation Architectural Council representative

  • LiMo Foundation Open Source Committee chair

日本語を下手く話せます。。。("Nihongo-o hetaku hanasemasu...", "I can speak Japanese badly...")

Lefty is the administrator of The Hiker Project.

Lefty has seen more horror movies than you have.

Lefty blogs at Open Source to Go! (now syndicated on Planet GNOME!)


  • March: iPhone Developers' Summit (Presenter) (./)

  • April: Interop (Panelist) (./)

  • April: Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit (Panelist) (./)

  • April: LUG Radio Live! USA (Presenter) (./)

  • July: GUADEC 2008 (Istanbul) (Presenter) (./)

  • June: Ottawa Linux Symposium

  • August: LinuxWorld San Francisco

  • September: Open Source in Mobile (Berlin)
  • October: GNOME Asia Summit (Beijing)

Email: lefty@access-company.com

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