David Mullins

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About me

Working on filling in some information here soon.

Owner of DAVit (Digital Archiving Validation information technology) and the research centre in Sligo,Ireland, with office in UK and USA.

David is a business entrepreneur and innovator but also lead researcher in the field of parallel programming systems for laser and optical scanning techniques, for digitization of physical objects and 3D visualisation, virtual reality life size computer regeneration modelling.

Also, keen hobbies include developing location based tracking systems for on-line e-commerce and trading. Designing a novel "FindMe"(tm) code for telecommunications devices for emergency services. Also, helping numerious societies with building digital libraries, indexing and archiving heritage. Besides a long enthusiastic archaeologist interest is also an designer. Past projects include designing and building, cars, buses, planes, boats, manufacturing plants and some high performance machines, of which some projects won awards and world records, has also developed management information system for a few blue chip companies.

Other spare time is taking up by political issues and partying


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