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Former GNOME Foundation board member (2005-2007). Chairman in 2006. Treasurer in 2007. Active in GNOME Mobile, GUADEC organisation and the marketing team.

I have previously contributed to the organisation of GUADEC 2004, GUADEC 2005, GUADEC 2006, GUADEC 2007 and GUADEC 2008 and GUADEC 2009, part of the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. I have also been heavily involved in the marketing team in the past, and continue to present GNOME frequently in conferences, and write regularly about GNOME.

Outside GNOME, I am the maemo.org docmaster, responsible for cultivating a vibrant documentation team and opening documentation infrastructure for the Maemo project. I'm a former product manager and community development manager of the OpenWengo project (now called QuteCom). I consult on community development for companies, and organise both training and events professionally. I regularly get involved in event organisation that sound like fun, including Ignite Lyon, the Open World Forum, FOSTEL, and the Libre Graphics Meeting (which I founded).

I'm an active member of ALDIL (Association Lyonnaise pour le Développement du Logiciel Libre), PLOSS Rhone-Alpes and AAAL (Association Amicale d'Athlétisme du Lyonnais).

My best times for various distances are (as of July 2011):

  • 10km: 38'46 (November 2010, Caluire et Cuire)
  • Marseille-Cassis: 1h27'39 (October 2010)
  • Marathon: 3h26' (May 2009, Geneva)

I'm married to Anne, and we have 3 kids, Thomas, Paul and Sean, born in June 2002, March 2005 and July 2007 respectively.


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