Name: Daniel Galleguillos C.
Country: Calama - Chile. -22.4624°, -68.9272°
Twitter: dnlgalleguillos
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About Me

My name is Daniel Galleguillos, I work as a H.S.E in a copper mine. I like to take Pictures and the Design with Open Source Software.

My Design Tools: Blender 3D, Inkscape and GIMP.
Desktop: GNOME

2021 Part of the organization of GNOME Latam, a day to celebrate and expand our #GNOME Community in Latin America.

2021 I'm very happy to start working as a Designer for #Handibox is an accessibility tool that will allow Human-Computer interaction with people who have some degree of motor disability.

2020 I communicate with Caroline Henriksen our Brand Manager and I sent my Portfolio and now I'm part of "#GNOME Engagement Team" Awesome!!.

2020 I submitted my wallpapers for Debian Release Bullseye.

2019-20 I created and Published GNOME Stickers and Wallpapers for COVID-19 this creation was for GNOME Chile but applied to the GNOME Community.

I have been working in a Design with Inkscape for The Annual GNOME Bugzilla Statistics for 2018 - Andre Klapper for his support of this design.

In 2016 I created a GPSAmi Logo, a GUI app to read data from GPS devices, created with Hubert Figuière.

In 2011 till now I designed some Safety Procedures with Blender 3D for terrain documents and safety presentations.

In 2010 The GNOME Marketing I created a GNOME T-Shirt for GNOME Store.

I was Into the GNOME Marketing Team and I designed the GNOME Annual Report 2009 with Paul Cutler, Stormy Peters and all the GNOME Team, The Annual Report was created with Inkscape and GIMP.

In 2009 as a H.S.E I created all the Safety Procedures under Blender 3D for capacitation, I was in the Chilean Tesis Final with my "Safety 3D Capacitation under Open Source Tools".

In 2009 I'm still activated until now to create Hackergotchi or any logo.

In 2008 I won the GNOME Wallpaper Contest Release 2.24.
In 2009 I won Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase. Build To Heaven (Photo/Graphics)

In 2007 I met the GNOME Chile team into a Encuentro Linux and I talked about what I was doing with GNOME Art and obviously I was welcomed to this great group of community, from 2007 still now I'm a GNOME Chile Designer and I created all the Banners and Stickers for Chilean Talks.

In 2006 I was teaching Linux/GNOME in INACAP Center for Technical Professionals.

Into 2005 We held the first Seminar for migration to Linux in Calama (Calix: Calama + Linux) and my talk was about Open Source Graphics Tools. (GIMP, Inkscape and Blender 3D)

In 2005 I’d started to collaborate with GNOME Art creating Wallpapers and GDM. All this time I was mailed from GNOME Artist and Told me about the GNOME Colors (Tango Desktop Project) and the fundamental Open Source Softwares for design.

GNOME and Ubuntu Artwork

Bugsquad Marketing
2009 Annual Report
GNOME Stickers
Art Request Status
Bugzilla Report


COVID-19 Banner


2008 GNOME Wallpaper Contest Release 2.24
2009 Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase


Encuentro Linux 2008 Lightning Talks Universidad de Concepción - Chile.
Día GNOME 2008 Universidad de Concepción - Chile.
Encuentro Linux 2009 Universidad Federico Santa María, Valparaíso - Chile.
Día GNOME 2009 Universidad Federico Santa María, Valparaíso - Chile.


Arte para GNOME Día GNOME 2008
Arte en GNOME Encuentro Linux 2009
GDM Artwork Día GNOME 2009

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