Damned Lies / New Theme

Proposal for a new interface theme for D-L that fits with the new "gnome.org" look and feel and improves the UX for translators.

The new theme was created by Vinicius Depizzol <vdepizzol@gmail.com>, and we will work on improve and integrate it in the actual Damend Lies master branch.


You can checkout the code from the damend-lies repository at the branch "newtheme": http://git.gnome.org/browse/damned-lies/log/?h=newtheme

Design team decissions

As this new theme is not finished yet and need some work, the design team should approbe it and say if fits the new web-design policies.







  • Contact the design team for suggestions and improvements for the new theme
  • Work on fixes and complete pages that needs to be.


Fran DiƩguez could work in both html templates and CSS to integrate it into the damned lies code.

TomTryfonidis I've done some work on Vinicius's theme. Changes are here and the screenshots here.

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