GNOME is a Free Software Open Source project and diverse international community of hundreds of contributors, many of whom are volunteers. Anyone can contribute to and participate in GNOME!

GNOME is designed and developed in the open. Most discussion occurs on public IRC channels. Software changes are reviewed and staged in Bugzilla. All of the source code is stored in git.

In order to keep everything running smoothly, everyone contributing to the project or participating in any way must abide by the Code of Conduct. While productive and respectful debates on topics are encouraged, the project reserves the right to limit anything deemed inappropriate or offensive.

How Do I Contribute?

There are many ways to make a valuable contribution to GNOME. Read more about how.

Report a Bug

If you want to report a problem or look for something to help with then you may be interested in checking out our bug tracker, Bugzilla.

Get the Source Code

All our source code is available in Git.

Get in Touch

There are many ways to get in touch with the GNOME Community.

Discuss design and development on public IRC channels or mailing lists. Report or follow bugs in Bugzilla. Follow our Planet GNOME and GNOME News feeds.

Or join the discussion on social media.

GNOME in world


The community is governed by an elected board of directors. Read more about our governance.

Make a Donation

Please support GNOME's mission to bring free and accessible computing to everyone! Your donation will help to keep the GNOME Foundation's lights on - we'll use it for infrastructure, hardware, and to help hackers travel to conferences where they'll keep improving GNOME. Become a Friend of GNOME now!

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