Connect with the GNOME Community on IRC

IRC is one of the main communication channels used by the GNOME community to chat. IRC channels are a great place to hang out if you want to contribute to the GNOME project, want to see what the developers are talking about, or you're just looking to connect with other GNOME users.

IRC channels are also a good place to ask for help, but when you do, try to provide as much detail as you can. For example, if you have a build problem you can put the error message into an online pastebin and post the link in the channel along with your question. And don't be discouraged if you don't get an answer right away, your fellow contributors may simply be busy at the moment, so be patient.

Follow the steps below to get started chatting with others in the GNOME community.

Step 1: Choose an IRC Application

To use IRC you need an IRC client, or application. You can use the GNOME app Polari, or the new apps that bridge GNOME IRC with some other nice features, Riot and Fractal.

Step 2: Join an IRC Channel

Think of IRC channels like chat rooms. GNOME IRC channels can be found on the server, also known as GIMPNet. You can join any IRC channel by either following a link below or using your client's directory.

Two good channels to start with with are #gnome for general help and talking about GNOME, and #newcomers for getting started with contributing to GNOME.

While using riot and fractal, do -




Here are other channels you may be interested in joining -- feel free to join as many as you'd like, or start new ones and add them here so others can join:

Community & Core Experience

Software Specific Channels

Servers & Web

  • #sysadmin - GNOME sysadmin's IRC channel (most users wont need to go here)

  • #webhackers - GNOME webhackers IRC channel

Regional Groups


See Also

Other Languages

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