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Readers visit wgo with a certain need. He or she is looking for something. This is called a Use Case. We always want the reader to find what he was looking for, ie. fulfill the Use Case.

Besides that, however, we want to the reader to do something, thus each page has a Call-to-Action. These are usually in the form "Read On or do X." These are placed at the end of a page, before the footer. The following table just list X.

Use Case: Reader wants to

Top Navigation


...know what GNOME is


Click "Download".

...try GNOME



...get help

Support (Help)

Participate or Donate money.



Participate or Donate money.

...ask a special question


Contact us.

Primary Navigation

  • About

    • """ Index provides short overview and main benefits. """
    • Why GNOME?
    • (Take the Tour)
      • (Slide 1)
      • (Slide 2)
      • (etc.)
    • Testimonials
    • Applications
    • Deployments (Success Stories)
    • History
  • Download

    • """ Index provides overview on the subpages. """
    • Distributions
    • Installation
    • LiveCD
    • (MS Windows CD)
    • (Mac OSX CD)
    • Latest Sources (pointer to compile tools and release notes)
  • Support (or Help)

    • """ Index provides pointers to End User Documentation, Forum, and Bugzilla
      • and an overview on the subpages. """
    • Administration
    • Development
    • (Companies) (points to commercial support options)
    • (Mobile) (?)
  • Community

    • """ Index provides pointers News, and an overview on the subpages. """
    • User Groups
    • Participate (ie. teams)
    • Friends of GNOME
  • Contact

    • Press/Media
    • Foundation

Secondary Navigation (Footer)

  • Sponsors

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