Claudio Wunder

About me

Developer and IoT Researcher, Worked at the Research Unit of the Ministry of Science and Technology for Forensics and Technologies applied to IoT. I'm a Technical Member of the IEEE Internet of Things Society.

  • Currently Software Engineer @ FlixBus

  • Former Campus Expert @ GitHub

  • And other stuff


I'm currently a GNOME Foundation member and holding the following activities:

  • Being a Community Manager
    • Moderating our Communities (Reddit,, Discourse, GitLab)

    • Moderating GNOME's Twitter Accounts
  • Active in Engagement / Outreach
  • Maintaining GNOME Events Web Pages and Mobile Applications Development (GUADEC, etc)
    • Events.Gnome.Org
    • Mobile App
  • Helping on GNOME Outreach(y) Academia Program


You can reach me out in the following ways:


I am a member of the GNOME Engagement Team.


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