Christian Kirbach

Master of Science in electrical engineering.

Working for Nokia Siemens Networks.

My intrests include GNOME, photography, computer networks, security and digital communications.

Email: <Christian DOT Kirbach AT gmail DOT com>

PGP key ID 1FE120E3 Fingerprint 1757 2B13 AEA5 D469 264E FC69 1FDF 5733 1FE1 20E3

IRC nick: nazgul

  • usually on #bugs and #gnome-de


As of now I am mainly involved in the German translations of GNOME. Occasionally I work with the GNOME Bugsquad. I hang around in IRC on #bugs as nazgul with the GNOME Bugsquad Team

Made a few patches here and there for various Gnome modules, including GnomeGoal.


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