Chandni Verma

Short bio

Chandni switched to using Linux from Windows in 2010 when she first installed Ubuntu with GNOME running on top of it. She was amazed at the level of security and flexibility and customization offered by Linux and decided never to go back to the world of Windows which had always been hard on pocket. GNOME made her transition easy. She liked the features and explored some applications and within a matter of five months of installing the first Linux on her computer, she was contributing to upstream development of her favorite application on GNOME, Empathy!

She was one of the accepted participants of GNOME Outreach Program for Women Internships 2010 which strengthened her bond with GNOME and is now an active supporter of it. She contributes to various GNOME projects and hopes to stay connected to the welcoming community of motivated and passionate developers lifelong.

She loves to travel. To take a break, she prefers changing her surroundings which provides her an insight about the history, culture and discoveries pertinent to the place and its dwellers. She has toured almost the whole of India. Each new place opened to her a whole new world of knowledge and memories inexplicable. Recent experiments have demonstrated her to be possessing sound public addressing skills. When back to real self, she's known for her night-hacks.

GNOME involvements

  • Outreach Program Intern (December 2010 - March 2011)
  • Hacking (March 2011 - present)
  • GNOME Asia committee member (March 2011 - present)

  • GNOME Foundation Member (January 2012 - present)

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