Cassidy James Blaede

I'm a UX architect who designs and builds useful, usable, and delightful digital products with open technologies. Co-founder and CXO at elementary, working on GNOME stack downstream elementary OS. Formerly UX architect at System76 working on GNOME downstream Pop!_OS.

Member of the GNOME Foundation.

Specific Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Balancing a platform’s design vision with user delight
  • Accessibility features being supported and promoted as standard features
  • Spatial user interaction models (including layout and animation)
  • Building an app ecosystem
  • UI typography
  • UX copy and microcopy
  • Developing, maintaining, and enforcing Human Interface Guidelines
  • System-wide dark styles
  • Building a story around and communicating user-facing changes


  • Email:
    • <c AT SPAMFREE ssidyjam DOT es> (general)

    • <cassidy AT SPAMFREE elementary DOT io> (elementary OS)

  • IRC: cassidyjames (Freenode and GIMPnet)
  • Website:


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