Case Talbot

Email: <casetalbot AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

I'm a software developer. I've "made" a couple themes for gtk2 in the distant past and at my day job do web development primarily in Go and Javascript, with side trips into PHP, Python, and Ruby.

I'm looking to help with any projects that I use regularly, such as gnome-terminal, gnome-shell, evince, pidgin, gnome shell extensions, or nautilus.

I'm hugely interested in ebooks. At my dayjob I work on Smashwords, and I'd be interested in talking about ebook rendering apps for gnome as well. Maybe building support for ePub into evince, for example?

I have experience in lots of different languages, but don't consider myself to be very good with C/C++ yet. My github handle is nikolawannabe.


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