/!\ The following content is being kept here for historical preservation only. Cally is not anymore a independent library, but part of Clutter itself. This page it is definitely not being maintained.


Cally (Clutter Accessibility Implementation Library) is the Clutter implementation of the ATK interfaces. You can see it as the equivalent of GAIL to Clutter.

Clutter is one of the core libraries at GNOME. Several projects and applications like Mutter, GNOME-Shell, totem or Sushi are using it. Those applications could use Cally as the base to implement the accessibility support.

Cally as a standalone library was used to implement the accessibility support on the hildon-desktop, the Fremantle Window Manager, used in the N900, in order to have support for automatic testing.

Cally announce. Cally is basically the implementation of the ATK interfaces for the main Clutter objects. Although in the past, as GAIL, it was implemented as a isolated module that can be loaded conditionally, since July 2010 Cally is integrated on Clutter.

Clutter is more low-level that other toolkits like GTK+, and some toolkits have started to appear based on Clutter: MX, Shell Toolkit, Candies, Glitter, etc. This means that probably this libraries will require extra accessibility support, in the same way that HAIL (Hildon Accessibility Implementation Library) extends GAIL.

How to obtain it

Right now Cally is on the Clutter repositories.

Since Clutter version 1.3.8 Cally is integrated on Clutter, so you just need to download Clutter directly:

git clone git://git.clutter-project.org/clutter

If you want to obtain the old isolated version (the only available for Clutter 1.2 and below):

   git clone git://git.clutter-project.org/cally


Cally is basically the ATK implementation for Clutter. So, for normal use-case, you shouldn't call directly Cally, and use ATK API instead.

The ATK API reference is available on library.gnome.org.

Anyway, there are cases where you would require to made use of Cally API. Cally will be more likely to extend that GAIL (although GAIL was extended with HAIL). In this case you can check Cally API reference on clutter project doc page.

Report bugs

You can use the GNOME bugzilla to open a new bug (remember to use the component 'Cally')

You can check the current open Cally bugs here

We are open to contributions/patches/suggestions!


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