Why is jhbuild not reliable?

Auto-report problems?

Can we make jhbuild file bugs automatically against specific modules when a module fails to build? This would at least take care of the most common build problems; it could also mean a lot of bug spam. From Christian Hergert: can we hash the build failure somehow to reduce dup emails?

Autotools issues

Short of incorrect syntax or improper autotools files, why doesn't this Just Work? Does jhbuild need to isolate or clean out some environment variables before running autogen.sh?

Undetected but standard things

glib-networking didn't pick up my /etc/ssl/ca-bundle.pem (from openSUSE 12.1). The SRPM of course passes that at configure time. We should make those things work on every major distro out of the box.

Babysitting sucks

Why can't jhbuild tell you "you are missing the foo-devel package" before your 34th module fails to build?

Building sucks

Can we make prebuilt binaries (with debug info and everything), by the buildbots, for the major distros, *THE* one official way to start contributing?

GIR is fragile

Why do many errors seem to come up during the GISCAN or related operations?

Common errors could use an explanation

Common problems like missing files because of a Makefile.am update, or build failure because -Werror or something. These could use an explanation or suggestion when jhbuild stops. Currently you are offered the whole set of options. If you are a hacker, you can choose, if you are a newbie you can't. Plus, it makes you think. Why do I want to be part of the /automatic/ build system?


Christian Hergert: would love to see something integrated with Yocto for core OS, and systemd-nspawn for bully booting dev env + xephyr.

Javier Jardón: Should "jhbuild sysdeps" be advertised more widely?

Garrett LeSage: is there a continual build status tracker to pinpoint what commit caused things to fail?

Garrett LeSage: can there be some sort of staging area before things are merged in to master, and can master be semi-stable & always compile?


Colin Walters is working on OSTree, a version control system for distributing and installing binaries. Think "git for binaries" where you can have whole operating system stacks versioned and installed within a single file system. It uses chroot magic to let you run each version separately.

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