This node stores interesting references for unit testing, continous integration, and other matters that can be useful for the BuildBrigade team.

About unit tests

  1. buzztard wiki: an interesting article about developing unit tests of a Gtk/GObject program with check. There are some hints about the specific set up.

  2. Agile testing blogrss: a blog about agile methodologies very python oriented. With interesting use cases for buildbot, and lots of links to good articles about testing and continuous integration.

  3. A good definition of refactoring ;) (at least for the XP case): "A refactoring is a test-preserving transformation."

  4. Unit tests kept small?: an interesting thought about difference among unit tests, acceptance tests, and so. And why unit tests should be kept fast-running.

About continuous integration

  1. Continuous integration article by Fowler

About buildbot

  1. Updating buildbot status: how to update buildbot status dynamically

About Agile development

  1. Martin Fowler's Bliki

  2. Agile development offshore: how to adapt XP to offshore development (when there are groups in different geographic places). Open source development has to faces some of these issues.

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