OlavVitters will remove the UNCONFIRMED status on Fri Feb 27 2015.

Products which have opted out:

  • gnome-contacts
  • gnome-calendar
  • planner
  • gnome-music
  • gedit
  • gtksourceview
  • latexila
  • Pitivi: we actually make the distinction (we confirm bugs) and stay on top of things :)

  • GIMP: unconfirmed means that no one has been able to confirm and reproduce the bug
  • gimp-web: same as GIMP
  • banshee: we use "NEW" only for bugs that have been reproduced by more than one person, so we like UNCONFIRMED as default.
    Brief reason/use case

When adding your product, please add a short description. We'd like to know the use cases.

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